The WORST Twitter Fails Blamed On Interns And Aides

Turns out that if you outsource your Twitter and Facebook status updates to people you pay very little to, and probably treat like crap, they’ll eventually turn on you. Who could see that coming?! Seriously, social media is an extension of your PR or marketing department. It’s not for some intern.

Twitter can be a powerful tool for politicians, brands and individuals with a message to share. During the 2008 presidential election, @BarackObama helped Obama supporters connect and coordinate. After an earthquake struck Haiti in early 2010, aid organizations used their Twitter presence to publicize relief efforts for the devastated country.

However, blunders made via social networking can quickly be retweeted far and wide. Who can forget Sarah Palin’s “refudiate” tweet and the ensuing jokes at her expense?

Twitter fails can be an embarrassment, if not a disaster, for one’s public image. But we don’t always know who tweets behind the scenes. Stars and politicos sometimes hire Twitter ghostwriters to maintain their accounts, and companies have been known to rely on Twitter interns. When a Twitter scandal breaks, it can be all too easy to blame for-hire tweeters or aides.

Control your own accounts, or at least hire someone who you value and trust.