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Blog Specific Subscribe & Bookmark Buttons Added

iFeedReaders as just updated the single subscribe and bookmark buttons to include code for Blogger, WordPress and Movable Type. With the blog specific code, the buttons can be added to your templates and the code auto generated.

This is a really good thing for the social bookmark button as it can be included in the post loop and the bookmark code will be automatically generated for each post. For an example, look at the bookmark buttons below all the posts on the iFeedReaders news site.

If anyone comes across any bugs or has any questions, let me know.


Feed Button WordPress Plugin Overhaul

The Chicklet Creator WordPress plugin recently got a major update. You now have the ability to select, control and update feed buttons from within the admin panel of your WordPress blog. It’s just another way we are trying to make getting subscription buttons added to your blog easier.

Chicklet Creator Plugin 0.5 Details | Download & Install Page