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Updated Subscribe Page – Yea!

I’ve finally gotten around to getting the subscribe page up to par with the bookmark page. Now, all buttons are in a database and it’s really easy for me to add new buttons or remove broken ones. Actually, really easy for you to add services. Just go over to and fill out the simple form. It’ll go into the database and when I check it out, then it’ll go live. Simple and sweet.

Now, I just need to get a few more tools tied into this database. But that’s a project for another day. 😉

Big Red Update Buttons

A lot of you may notice that you are now seeing some big red update buttons. It’s unfortunate that we have to do this, but if you see the image, then the site you are reading has images that are hosted on What you’ll need to do is either host the images yourself or find a way to outsource them.

The problem is that there are thousands of hits an hour to for the images and that’s taking a major tool on the server. Either we have to pay much higher hosting rates for that site or we have to force users to update. Since the feed buttons are a free service, extra hosting costs are not something that can be dealt with easily.

Please, take a few minutes and re-create ALL your feed button images to ensure that none of them are linking back to

For those that don’t update their buttons, the red image will grow, possibly daily, until it can’t be ignored. I hate to do it, but I don’t really have any other choice at this time.

Thank You

iFeedReaders Bookmarklets Now Available

Two bookmarklets are now available to quickly access the iFeedreaders bookmark, or subscribe page.

Install the ‘Bookmark This’ bookmarklet and whenever you come across a webpage that you’d like to save, just hit the ‘Bookmark This’ bookmarklet and you’ll be transported, along with the page information, to the iFeedReaders bookmark page with all the pre-populated social bookmark buttons.

Install the ‘Feed This’ bookmarklet and whenever you come across a raw feed, just hit the ‘Feed This’ bookmarklet and you’ll be transported, along with the feed information, to the iFeedReaders subscribe page with all the feed subscription buttons pre-populated.

There are a few issues with the ‘Feed This’ bookmarklet as IE7 doesn’t like it at all and Safari (with RSS capabilities) doesn’t send across quite the right URL. However, it does work great in Firefox. 🙂

Check out the iFeedReaders bookmarklet page.

Feedback & suggestions are always welcome.

New Service Submission Form

Adding a feed reader or social bookmarking service just got easier; on me. 🙂

With the help of WuFoo, I’ve created a form to collect all the information and store it in a database so I don’t loose requests in my inbox.

If you have a service you’d like us to add, just fill out the Add This Service form and I’ll get to it when I can.

Blog Specific Subscribe & Bookmark Buttons Added

iFeedReaders as just updated the single subscribe and bookmark buttons to include code for Blogger, WordPress and Movable Type. With the blog specific code, the buttons can be added to your templates and the code auto generated.

This is a really good thing for the social bookmark button as it can be included in the post loop and the bookmark code will be automatically generated for each post. For an example, look at the bookmark buttons below all the posts on the iFeedReaders news site.

If anyone comes across any bugs or has any questions, let me know.


Feedshow, Fwicki, Include, Newgie and Newshutch Added

iFeedReaders has added 5 new buttons to the subscribe page today. Those include Feedshow, Fwicki, Include, Newgie and Newshutch.

These options are automatically available for any outstanding iFeedReaders subscribe buttons.

If you haven’t created one for your site, isn’t it about time?

Feed Button WordPress Plugin Overhaul

The Chicklet Creator WordPress plugin recently got a major update. You now have the ability to select, control and update feed buttons from within the admin panel of your WordPress blog. It’s just another way we are trying to make getting subscription buttons added to your blog easier.

Chicklet Creator Plugin 0.5 Details | Download & Install Page