Monthly Archives: May 2007

Tumblr and Uvouch Social Bookmark Buttons Added

Two new buttons have been added to the social bookmark page: Tumblr & Uvouch.

Tumblr is a cross between blogging and social bookmarking. You can easily add text, video pictures and more to any page with the click of a button. Think blogging, or slimmed down with no real maintenance.

Uvouch is a social site to save links and videos. Kind reminds me of YouTube with a few more features.

If you add an iFeedReaders social bookmark button to your site, you can give your visitors instant access to all the options on the social bookmark page. Or, add the bookmarklet to your browser to give you instant access to the social bookmark options from any page you browse to.

Updated Subscribe Page – Yea!

I’ve finally gotten around to getting the subscribe page up to par with the bookmark page. Now, all buttons are in a database and it’s really easy for me to add new buttons or remove broken ones. Actually, really easy for you to add services. Just go over to and fill out the simple form. It’ll go into the database and when I check it out, then it’ll go live. Simple and sweet.

Now, I just need to get a few more tools tied into this database. But that’s a project for another day. 😉