Monthly Archives: February 2007

New ‘Add Service’ Form Live

After my post yesterday, I started coding the new Add Service form that I had dreamed up a while back. I didn’t think it could be that hard so I put my mind to it and had the database built in no time. Then the rest of the code fell into place. About 24 hours later, the new Add Service page is live!

So what’s new you ask? Well I came to learn quite quickly that I suck at keeping all the new feed and bookmark requests up to date. Everyone wants their service added and I just don’t have time to do code them all in. So I thought why not let you do the work for me. 🙂

With the new add service format, not much changes for the submitter. You can easily add your site, or your favorite site, to iFeedReaders by filling out the simple form. It then goes into a database and awaits my approval. Once I approve it, it’ll make up the new Bookmark or Subscribe page that I have yet to complete.

With the new format, I will theoretically have to just approve services instead of code them in. Thus making the process faster and us happier.

However, there is a downside. I have to convert everything over. So far I have four social bookmark services done and one feed button. So I have a bit of work ahead of me. But it’ll be nice when it’s all done.

Test out the new Add Services form and see what you think. Feel free to add any services too. 🙂