Monthly Archives: July 2006

Flogz and Newsvine Buttons Added

Two new bookmark buttons today. Flogz Flogz Button and Newsvine Newsvine.

Flogz is much like Digg only targeted towards personal finance and investing news.

Newsvine is a news orientated social site. Focusing on national or world events.

Each button will also make an appearance in the all new Chicklet Creator due out in early August.

Windows Live Feed Button Added

For all of your visitors that use Windows Live as their portal page, iFeedReaders has now added a Windows Live button. Windows Live Feed Button

I can’t say that I use Windows Live as it’s sill in major development and partial to the PC/IE combination. Myself I’m on a Mac using Flock. However, I have checked it out and it does look pleasing. 😉

Add Feeds To Your Phone With Plusmo

A Plusmo button has been added to the feed subscription page. Plusmo

Plusmo allows you to add RSS feeds to your phone or PDA for viewing on the go.

Plusmo lets you do cool stuff from your mobile phone. For example, you can locate the nearest Starbucks, find cheap gas nearby, read your friend’s MySpace blog, read movie reviews, check out neat photos, download popular blogs like Engadget, or keep track of the top iTunes hits all from your cell phone or PDA. Plusmo offers a great mobile experience because personalized content from websites is downladed to your device in advance and browsing is local and fast.

Breaking Fixing Duct Taping

It seems that one fix, breaks another thing.  So I fix that and then it kinda works.  😉

It seems that people are sending all sorts of URLs our way and it’s amazing how they come up with them. Looking at what Yahoo has indexed makes me realize that I need to do much more coding to take into effect what everyone is doing.  Good news is, I’m working on it.

Slow and steady, that’s the best right??

Let me know if you come across any errors or oddities so I can do my best to work them out.


Working on Reporting Errors

During a little research last night I noticed that some people are not coding their feed address’ correctly. That then throws errors. So, I’ve worked some error messages in to catch a few of these errors.

Each URL that enters the site to the subscribe or bookmark page must contain http://. If not, an error will be thrown.

If you come across other errors, let me know and I’ll try to code them in better. The default PHP errors just look bad. 😉

myEarthlink Subscribe & Bookmark Buttons Added

I read on TechCrunch this morning that Earthlink has opened a social bookmarking service and an online feed reader. I had to sign up for an account and figured out the code to bring the myEarthlink buttons to iFeedReader’s bookmark and subscribe page. myEarthlink Button

The only downside is that it seems that you have to be logged into myEarthlink for the feed button to work. If you’re not, they’ll throw an error. Hopefully Earthlink will fix that soon.

On a separate note, I updated the subscription buttons to make them load faster and look a little better.

News Alloy Feed Subscription Button Added

News Alloy is a free Ajax Web Based Feed Reader for discovering, reading, and sharing news and information. They even offer a mobile area for those who want to read feeds on their phones or PDAs.

The News Alloy button has been News Alloy added to the subscribe page.

No Plugin? What? Why?

First off, welcome readers. I’m glad to see you checking out the site.

I wanted to respond to the two comments that are currently on the Performancing post.

“Why not make a little plugin in the form of a drop-down menu instead of using an icon that redirects to another page?”

Well there are a number of reasons I choose to do it this way.

  1. The more buttons or mode code we give, the bigger the chance it’ll get messed up or look to complicated. This is quick and simple.
  2. A plugin is thinking small. I’d have to make one for WordPress, Movable Type, Blogger, TypePad and so fourth. One plugin wouldn’t be enough as everyone would want one.
  3. With a plugin, the buttons would only be updated when the user takes time to upgrade the plugin. By sending visitors here, we are in control of the buttons. I can add any RSS or Bookmark button at any time and it’ll immediately be available for your users.
  4. With a plugin, I’d have to offer support. Support takes time and everyone’s individual problem is different. I guess it goes back to number one, this is just simpler.
  5. Who knows, maybe that’ll come in the future. But this is where it starts.

Ohh and regarding “A subscribe icon that, when clicked, expands to reveal a rss icon, a gator icon etc…” that’s in the works. It’s in beta mode right now and will show up hopefully this month. 🙂