Other Tools

Create an iFeedReaders Button
Choose from a Subscribe or Bookmark button for our site that utilized our one-stop-shop service.

Chicklet Creator
Create individual feed subscription buttons for your site.

Social Bookmark Link Creator
Create social bookmark links for your site.

iFeedReaders Bookmarklets

Add an iFeedReaders bookmarklet to your browser to quickly bookmark any site or subscribe to most feeds.

Bookmark This        Feed This

How do I use this?

Using is easy. First install (bookmark) the bookmarklet into your browser. Then when you navigate to any page you want to bookmark, hit the 'Bookmark This' bookmarklet in your browser and it'll bring you to the iFeedReaders bookmark page. If you have a feed loaded, hit the 'Feed This' bookmarklet and it'll take you to the iFeedReaders Subscribe page.

Install Instructions for Firefox & Safari

Install in Firefox and Safari

In Firefox and Safari, simply click down on one of the links and drag it to your bookmark bar to bookmark. You can also right click and choose 'Bookmark This Link' in Firefox.

Install Instructions for IE

Install in Internet Explorer

In IE, right click on the 'Bookmark This' bookmarklet and choose 'Add to Favorites'. Note, IE7 does not work with the 'Feed This' bookmarklet.