iFeedReaders – Feeding Feed Readers Your Feed

Where we feed your feed to feed readers.

iFeedReaders Tools Create an iFeedReaders Button

Choose from a Subscribe or Bookmark button for our site that utilized our one-stop-shop service.

Chicklet Creator
Create individual feed subscription buttons for your site.

Social Bookmark Link Creator
Create social bookmark links for your site.

Quick links to bookmark pages or subscribe to feeds.

The objective of this site is simple, create a one central place to send your feed and have all the subscription services coded and ready to go.

Change this:
Lots of RSS Buttons

To this:
One Subscribe Button

Not only is it space saving on your blog, but it’s updated as new services are made available with no extra work for you. You always benefit.

Ohh and for those of you who are not to technical minded, you can create a simple link and add it to your site like any other link. No button, no code editing, just create one simple link.

Not only that, but we also have a bookmark service available. Just send us your URL and page title and we’ll work up the code for as many social bookmarks services as possible. That way your visitors can easily add your page to whatever online bookmarking service they have.

Wait there’s more!

The Chicklet Creator and Social Bookmark Creator are here too. If you feel you need more than one button, simply choose whatever ones you want. Customized for your needs.